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Family Law

Our Family Department has many years experience in family law practice, including a Solicitor who is a member of the Law Societies Advanced panel.

We are members of the family law mediation service Resolution. When problems arise within families, our aim is to encourage communication between all parties, where possible, and to provide a constructive and consolatory approach to these delicate matters.

However, we are well-equipped to take matters to Court if this is the best way to achieve an optimal outcome, and we have an experienced litigation team.

We also offer advice about legal aspects of family structures, such as Cohabitation, Pre-marital agreements, Civil Partnerships and Trusts.

Please use the links above to learn more about the services we offer regarding Divorce, Ancillary Relief, Children (contact and residence), Children
(disputes with local authorities), Domestic Violence injunctions, and Pre-Emptive Advice (cohabitation, pre-marital and separation agreements, and trusts).

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Divorce involves a fair division of the family assets, including the family home. Generally, this can be achieved by negotiation between solicitors and agreement between the parties. If agreement cannot be reached, then Court Proceedings for Ancillary Relief will be initiated and will result...
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When marriage or cohabitation breaks down, decisions must be made about where the children are to live and about their contact with the non-resident parent. We can help you to reach appropriate agreement with the other parent, and where agreement cannot be reached we can help you to obtain an app...
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Your local authority's social services department is obliged to intervene if it believes that a child is suffering, or is likely to suffer, serious harm. This is a very difficult experience for all members of the child's family but does not always result in the child being taken into care....
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