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We at Funnell & Perring Solicitors understand that losing a family member or a close friend can be a difficult and emotional experience. In addition, dealing with the administration of the estate can be daunting and time consuming. We have the expertise to guide you through. With over 30 years of Probate experience, we can offer a confident and discreet service whatever the circumstances.

We will:

  • Contact banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions on your behalf.

  • Obtain the Grant of Probate and deal with all issues relating to the Probate Registry.

  • Deal with the Inland Revenue with regard to any inheritance tax issues.

  • Collect in the assets and pay them out according to the Will or the intestacy rules.

  • Provide estate accounts which show how the assets have been distributed.


How long does Probate take?
The process can be completed quite quickly, within a matter of months, if there is a valid Will which is clear, if there is a relatively small estate, and if the whereabouts of the beneficiaries are known. It can, however, take longer if there is no Will or a problem with the Will, or there are difficulties collecting in the assets or finding beneficiaries. If there is a property which needs to be sold, this can also take time, as a buyer needs to be found.

Will I have to go to Court?
Unless the estate is under £5000, most Personal Representatives or Executors will have to obtain a Grant of Probate from the Probate Registry of the High Court. This does not mean you have to attend court. If you deal with the matter yourself, you can attend the Probate Registry in person; however, if you instruct us, we can deal with all the matters arising without you having to attend.

Will it cost me anything to act as an Executor or a Personal Representative?
All Personal Representatives and Executors are entitled to use a legal adviser, and these fees will be payable out of the estate of the deceased. We provide, in writing, an estimate of the total of our fees and will not work beyond that estimate before consulting you.

Can a Personal Representative or an Executor also be a beneficiary?
Yes, you can be both a PR and a beneficiary of an estate. For example, a husband may appoint his wife as his Executor and leave everything to her.